Baby Led Weaning (BLW) - an introduction....

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) – an introduction….

What is Baby Led Weaning or BLW? It doesn’t have a formal definition but is usually taken to mean that when you’re introducing solid foods to babies, they feed themselves and are therefore in control of what goes into their mouth: the type of food,...
Post-exercise inflammation – or why I can’t move my arms today.

Post-exercise inflammation – or why I can’t move my arms today.

Yesterday I thought it would be a fabulous idea to try out a “mixed martial arts” boxing class at my local gym… oh dear! The workout was great, and by the looks of the other participants very effective, BUT today I’m feeling the after-effects. So...

About Hannah

Brighton & Hove based nutritionist, Hannah Rowan aims to show how easy it can be to eat well for life and experience real changes in your health. She focuses on Baby Led Weaning advice for new parents who want to use BLW to introduce solid foods to their babies, as well as sports nutrition, one of her passions!

Restore Yourself!

In collaboration with Hannah Smith, personal trainer at Target Body Training, we have devised an incredibly effective and delicious diet overhaul and training plan, incorporating 3 weeks of recipes, FAQs and tips available for purchase on the site. To complement the diet plan, we have a Facebook group where you can access training videos and get advice from ourselves and support from other participants. Click here to access the program!

Find out how eating 'clean' while moving your body can improve your overall health and get rid those love-handles and bingo-wings once and for all!

My colleague Hannah Smith, who qualified with Premier Training in 2009 as a Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist, Nutritional Advisor and Gym Instructor heads up Target Body Training, a private gym and treatment room based in Hove.

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